Monday, September 17, 2012

CFP: Translation and Interpreting in Religious Settings

Call For Papers: Panel on Translation and Interpreting in Religious Settings

7th EST CONGRESS, 29 - 31 August 2013, University of Mainz in Germersheim,
Panel organizers: Jonathan Downie and Jill Karlik

This panel aims to bring together researchers with an interest in Translation
and Interpreting in Religious Settings (TIRS) around the question: what
contributions can TIRS research bring to Translation and Interpreting Studies?
Papers may cover any example of TIRS in and between any religions, such as:
interpreting in religious meetings, missionary translation and interpreting,
translation and interpreting within and between religious groups, and TIRS
between different modalities and media (e.g. print, subtitling, recordings,

It is expected that this panel will contribute to Translation and Interpreting
Studies knowledge by exploring the interface between TIRS and other forms of
translation and interpreting, especially through challenging, advancing or
reassessing existing Translation and Interpreting theories, concepts and
assumptions. It will also allow researchers to show how concepts from religious
studies and theology might be applied via TIRS to wider debates in Translation
and Interpreting Studies. The key focus of this panel will therefore be the
cross-fertilisation of ideas, methods and theoretical frameworks between TIRS
and the wider world of Translation and Interpreting Studies and between
researchers looking at TIRS. Papers are welcome on any aspect of TIRS related to
the theme of the panel, including:

- How may results and theories from TIRS be applied to wider debates in
Translation and Interpreting Studies?
- In what ways can TIRS be used as a testing ground for theories from
Translation and Interpreting Studies?
- How apt are Translation and Interpreting Studies methods for answering
questions involving TIRS?
- What are the social and/or theological role(s) of translators and/or
interpreters in religious settings?
- How can pedagogy for TIRS be developed based on Translation and
Interpreting Studies?
- What can we learn from the use of written, spoken or multimedia corpora in
TIRS research?
- What impacts have emerging translation and interpreting technologies had on

Abstracts for the panel should be submitted here:

The closing date is 1st November, 2012.

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